Adelaide, S.A.

Security Surveillance Solutions

03.08.2016 | Press Release not yet available

Security surveillance has come a long way since the days of CCTV and BW/blurry images, digital sensors now provide for a cheap yet high definition crystal clear solution to security concerns.

Combined with emerging technologies, we have developed a fool-proof and tamper-proof product for long-term security surveillance which ensures clarity of evidence in the event of crime.

Longterm testing is already underway in areas such as Oakden, Paralowie, CBD and other areas of Adelaide.

Main features of our new product include: Remote Storage: The surveillance unit wirelessly transmits images to a server off-site which stores those images and cannot be accessed or deleted locally. Autonomous Battery Backup: The unit operates on wireless power technology, and when that power is interupted, switches to internal battery which sustains operation for upto 7 days. Biometrics: When viewing captures online, a suite of tools we've developed will enable fast and accurate biometric assessment for reviewing evidence, including; Height, Weight, Eye Colour & Pupillary Distance (for forensic photo-matching by Police), and more. So even if someone is wearing a full-facial mask, these traits will be captured. Concealment: It doesn't look like a camera. The products tiny size means it can be embedded into almost anything, to ensure in the event of crime, it is not targetted and goes unnoticed.

When it comes to crime, video evidence is still the very best method which is indisputable in a court of law, which is why we have developed such an advanced and highly adaptable tamper-proof solution..

First Public Release Module and Press Release due out soon, stay tuned!